Tuesday, October 3

ZyCoV-D: A new vaccine In India

Good news is coming out for the people who are scared of the third wave of Corona.  The third phase trial of Zydus Cadila’s corona vaccine ZyCoV-D has been done. About 28 thousand participants took part in the trial of this vaccine made in India.  The happiest thing is that the trial of this vaccine was started during the second phase itself. Therefore, it is being said to be effective on the Delta variant as well. 

Indian company Zydus Cadila has sought emergency use approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for its corona vaccine ZyCoV-D. This vaccine made in India is being said to be special for children.

This vaccine is different from other vaccines in many respects such as:-

source: deccanherald.com
  • It is a plasmid DNA vaccine. The vaccine works to increase antigen-specific immunity, which helps to fight infection.
  • This vaccine will be injected with Pharmajet technology without the help of a needle, which will reduce the risk of side effects.
  • Thermostability of this vaccine is good. It is not necessary to reduce the temperature too much to keep it.  This is the best thing about this vaccine because many vaccines have been ruined because of this problem. 
  • The Zydus vaccine can only be made in a level 1 lab, while covaccine requires a level 3 lab.
  • In this type of formulation, both B cell and T cell remain active so that the vaccine works better. 
  • This vaccine can be easily produced on a large scale.
  • People will have to take three doses of this vaccine.
  • It is effective on adults as well as children aged 12 to 18 years.
  • Once this vaccine is approved, a total of five vaccines will be available across the country.With this it is possible that the country can be saved from the outbreak of the third wave. 
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