Tuesday, March 28

Zayn Malik’s Bollywood Debut: Recorded His first Bollywood Song

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Pop star Zayn Malik has made a different identity in the world of music. He was once a bandmate of famous boy band ‘One Direction’. He has quit one direction for concentrating on his solo career. Today many of his fans are present around the world.

Zayn malik bollywood

Image Courtesy: Metro.uk.com

Now, here is a happy news for the followers of Zayn Malik in India.

Zayn Malik Debut in Bollywood

Let me tell you that soon Bollywood lovers will get the opportunity to listen to Zayn’s voice in Hindi. Zayn is now trying his hand in Bollywood. He has also recorded his first song. In an interview given to Filmfare India, he himself disclosed this fact. He said that he has recently sung a Hindi song for Bollywood.

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He also added that “This is the first song I have sung in Hindi. So, now how the song gets the response, it will be worth seeing. Although he has recorded this song for which film he has not yet been exposed.

Zayn’s passion for Bollywood

Zayn had said in her previous media interviews, “In my childhood days, I got a lot of inspiration from Bollywood. I do not remember properly, but Bollywood movies came on TV. He also suggests that “If you ever get a chance to watch a Bollywood movie then you should watch ‘Devdas’.

Recently he posted a picture of his father on Instagram where his father is seen with veteran Bollywood actor Dileep Kumar. His pic has got an instant reaction from his Indian fans.

Check out the picture here:


Zayn Malik has recently given hits like “Pillow Talk” which gave him appreciation as a solo artist. Millions of young music lovers across the globe also loved his work with ‘One Direction’.

Indian Fans of Zayn Malik are eagerly waiting to hear his voice in Hindi.


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