Popular Brand Zara is Selling a "Lungi" for Whooping Price!
Monday, March 20

Popular Brand Zara is Selling a “Lungi” for Whooping Price!

Popular fashion brand Zara’s latest outfit “ a lungi skirt”  has set social medias on fire. Zara is selling the designer lungi on its online store. They have give it a new name “flowing skirt with draped detail in front”.

Zara Lungi Skirt

The funny thing about this dress is that it’s a lungi and the brand is charging $89.9 (Rs 5,728) per piece. Zara is a very popular brand among the youths and likes of many Bollywood stars. Zara store has also got approval from Anushka Sharma. The actor joined the Zara brigade as she indulged in retail therapy during her Cape Town holiday with husband, Indian team captain Virat Kohli, flaunting a pastel-hued dress from Zara’s collection.

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The fashion brand from spain caters to a large fashion consuming people around the globe and is a reputed fashion brand. But this time the company reduced to a but of jokes, all credit goes to this lungi dress. People are criticizing Zara for its high price for a piece of cloth which ‘The Lungi Wala’ an online retailer, is selling the same dress for a very cheap price of $5.6 (Rs 357) and in other places it might be more cheaper.

zara lungi dress

img source:hindi.oneindia.com

This new song has become a huge talks of jokes over the social media. Checkout out what people are tweeting on Twitter:

This new Zara reminds us of the popular song “Lungi Dance” from Chennai Express. So, lets forget about the price for once and dance.

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