Tuesday, November 28

Yuvraj Singh going to retire from International Cricket? Know here

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After being constantly questioned for retirement, Yuvraj Singh cleared his position. All-rounder Yuvraj Singh, who is running out of the Indian team for a long time, has said that he will continue to play cricket till 2019. He will take a decision after 2019. Yuvraj played in the last ODI for India in June 2017. He said that the upcoming IPL season is very important for him as he will be claiming to play the World Cup 2019 with good performance. Yuvraj Singh has failed to make a comeback in the team since June last year. Yuvraj Singh, who was the Man of the Year in the 2011 World Cup, returned to the ground after fighting cancer.

Yuvraj Singh


Image: ESPN

Yuvraj Singh Regret not playing the Test

Yuvraj Singh believes that the 2018 IPL is extremely important to him. His performance in IPL will be a deciding factor for his position in World Cup 2019. He said in the 18th Laures World Sports Awards, “I want to do well in the IPL. This is a very important tournament for me as it will decide the direction of playing till 2019. I want to play till 2019 and after that I will decide, ‘.

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Yuvi is expected to return to the ODI team but there is also a problem. The problem is that he can not make is place in the Test Team. He said, “In the first six years of my career, I did not get much chance because at that time there were excellent players in the Test team. When I got a chance, I got cancer, that will remain as biggest disappointment, but things are not in your hands.

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