Sunday, October 17

YouTube Tricks

See some YouTube tricks.

1. Over six billion hours of videos are watched every month in YouTube, that is almost an hour for each person on earth.

2. Ever thought where does all that content come from..? We the users, upload 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute.

3. Just add a simple ‘ss’ in the URL after www and before YouTube to download YouTube videos effortlessly. It’ll automatically take you to a download page where you’ll find an array of formats you can download the video in.

4. Watch age restricted videos without logging in.

Came across an age-restricted video? Don’t feel like logging in? But still wanna watch it?
Because hey, it’s age restricted!
Well, worry not. All you have to do is, remove “watch?” from the URL, and replace the “v=” with “v/”. Press enter and enjoy the video.

5. Watch videos while surfing the web. Floating YouTube is a Chrome extension that keeps a floating mini player on top of all windows for YouTube.

6. Just type ‘doge meme’ in the search bar to make your YouTube colourful.

7. Add ‘gif ’to YouTube in the URL to convert YouTube videos to GIF. You’ll automatically be taken to a GIF maker where you can choose the length of your GIF.

8. Feeling too lazy to reach out to your mouse? Worry not for you can always use that keyboard of yours to control your YouTube videos.
k= Pause/play.
j= Rewind the video 10 seconds.
l= Fast forward the video 10 seconds.
m= Mute the video.

9. Identify a video`s music is like a “Shazam” for YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. The site can identify songs in any video. Copy and paste the URL into and watch the site go to work!

10. Start your video at a specific time.
Want to start your video from a specific time? Just add “#t=” followed by the time you want your video to start from. For example, “#t=1m2s” or “#t=62s”.

11. Operate your YouTube only through your keyboard.
Don’t feel like using your mouse or your touchpad? Just type “/leanback” after and press enter.
Your YouTube is now completely keyboard driven.

12. Disable auto play.
Tired of videos starting on their own at the end? Just go on the top right of the page, and slide the auto play button. It should turn from blue to grey once you slide it.

13. Watch what you are feeling?
If you are feeling emotional, try out you tube`s hidden feature called moodwall.
Whether you are feeling creative, gross, funny, amazing, sad, deep or intense the experimental page has a category to appeal to your current state of mind.

14. Play the snake game
It is probably one of the best known secrets of YouTube is the snake game.
To play it on YouTube ,all you need to do is hold down the left or right arrow key for a few seconds while the video is paused, then press the up arrow to start the game.

15. Record the mp3 of any video
Peggo is a website that can turn YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks into MP3s.


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