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YouTube T-series Subscribers: Topmost In The World

Due to cheap phones and cheap data, people are the most mobile users in India. Most Indians spend more than half their time on smartphones. Mobile is an important means of entertainment as well as work. Here people watch music, videos, movies, etc. The youtube app is quite popular in India to entertain people. People search and watch all kinds of videos here.
Along with using YouTube For Entertainment, every year, the largest number of songs and music videos in the world are made in India. Some of the popular YouTube channels in India are watched by people worldwide. In making music videos, the name of Bhushan Kumar’s YouTube T-Series company comes first.

YouTube T-Series

YouTube’s popular channel T-Series has now become number one in the world. Most people in the world like this company of music maker in India. Due to the most likes of the people, the YouTube channel T-Series Company made a new record. This channel has got a new record regarding the number of subscribers globally. T-Series YouTube channel has crossed 200 million or more than 200 million subscribers. It has become the first YouTube channel in the world to cross 200 million subscribers. It is a piece of good news for the whole of India that India’s YouTube channel is the most popular from the point of view of entertainment.

YouTube T-series Subscribers

Let us now see how the channel of YouTube T-series subscribers has increased. Although this channel was formed in 2006, in just 15 years, its subscribers have become so much. People have used YouTube a lot since the time of Covid 19. That’s why the YouTube T-series subscribers have started increasing from 2020.

  • May 2020 – 140 million
  • August 2020 – 150 million
  • November 2020 – 160 million
  • January 2021 – 170 million
  • April 2021 – 180 million
  • August 2021 -190 million
  • December 2021 – 200 million

source: T-series

In this way, you saw how its subscribers kept on increasing, and it became the number one YouTube channel in the world. Let us now know some important things related to this channel.

  • The YouTube channel of Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series was started on 13 March 2006. And today, in December 2021, it has become the most popular channel globally.
  • It is the world’s first YouTube channel, with 29 regional channels in different languages in India. Despite being available in different languages of India, its fans are from worldwide.
  • The number of subscribers of its total channel is 383 million, while the views of these YouTube channels are about 718 billion, i.e. 71,800 crores.
  • According to the information, T-Series gets around Rs 1 lakh for advertisements appearing in the middle of the Youtube channel’s video for a few seconds.
  • Every video of YouTube T-Series, the world’s most popular channel, gets an average of 1.68 lakh views on YouTube.
  • T-Series earns $1.32 million every month from its YouTube channel, which is more than the budget of a small Bollywood artist.
  • Bollywood Movies and music album videos are released on this channel. Perhaps this is why it is the most liked channel for entertainment.
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