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Monday, March 20

Yoga: A Changing Lifestyle

Time is changeable. Changing is the rule of nature. We should adopt the novelty of the world. Accept new ideas and changing values, is a part of life. We will see how yoga can change our life.


These days, the whole world is suffering from the corona epidemic. Humanity has scared. There is a tense atmosphere everywhere. Everyone is worried about himself and his loved ones. In such time there is a need to be positive physically and mentally. Yoga is the booster that gives you a healthy body, healthy mind and makes you stable. At this time there is a need for flowing oxygen in the blood, a positive mind, and a strong immune system. For this, it is an immunity booster that increases energy and immunity in the body. It has the capacity to fight against viruses both outside and inside of the body.

Work of Yoga

In daily life, when has to get up, when has to sleep, what and how has to do- all these are the part of Yoga. According to Vedas meaning of yoga is discipline. If there would be discipline in life then problems will not discompose. For life, it is a panacea.

It does not only have to do on mats, but it has to involve works in daily life. We can make our life tension-free through it. This makes us disease-free. It connects the soul to god. It carries a man to spiritually high. It is not only eternal knowledge but also a modern science that teaches the way of living. It also helps us to find ourselves.


Do yoga but also do karma yoga. At this time people need help. Help can be economically as well as emotionally. In Covid time many people around us need help. Help them because being useful in humanity is the biggest yoga.  

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