Thursday, August 13

Yellow Spot on Eye could Mean This. Are You Suffering from This?

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Next time if you notice a yellow spot on eyelid don’t ignore it. The yellow spots were considered harmless for a long time but researchers have provided some astonishing facts about the yellow spots in vision. Have a look below to know about yellow spot on eye.

yellow spot on eye cause


About Yellow Spot on Eye-

What does It Mean When Your Eyes are Yellow?
Yellow eyes generally signal old age. But now researchers have found that there is more to it. Our eyes convey a lot about the general health of our body.

People often ask this question “what is the yellow spot on my eye”?  and get several random answers in return.

Reasons Behind Yellow Spots on Eye-
The yellow spot known as hard drusen are deposits made of fat and calcium. With the passage of time these deposits form a layer underneath the retina. These yellow spots on the white part of the eye can be seen in scans.

What Causes Yellow Eyes?
Researchers have concluded that yellow spot on eye could be an early indicator of onset of dementia. In the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland researchers have found that drusen deposits were significantly higher in persons suffering from Alzheimer. The researchers also found that more than 25% of people suffering from Alzheimer had more such spots as compared to 4% of healthy people. Scanning for these yellow spots  on eyes  could pave way for more research in the field of early detection of Alzheimer.

yellow eyes


The person suspecting of yellow spots on the eye should get an eye imaging done to understand the conditions better. This process takes around 20 seconds and is harmless. Doctors can track the progress of Alzheimer and give effective medicines relevant to the stage of progression.

The research on yellow spots on the eye could prove to be a turning point in the early detection of Alzheimer’s and help doctors to advise patients to take early precautions and curtail the progress of the condition.