People have found another excuse to eat pizza, the world's cheesiest pizza is here
Wednesday, March 22

People have found another excuse to eat pizza, the world’s cheesiest pizza is here

If you are a cheese lover, then nothing can be more for you than a cheese pizza. And when it comes to the Domino’s menu pizza in which all 111 types of cheese have been used, then your mouth will obviously become watery. If you want to enjoy the pizza and are thinking that you should get this, then it is a good news for you. A recent restaurant in Berlin has done this.

Cheese Pizza

Image Courtesy: Living

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Located in Berlin, Vadoli Pizzeria restaurant has made this pizza, topped by 111 kinds of cheese. By making such a pizza, Vadoli Pizzeria has registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for making World’s Cheesiest Pizza.

To make this pizza, Chef used 286 grams of cheese of all kinds. For this, he had also measured it. Also decorated with Mozzarella, Emmental, Leicestershire red, Comte, Raclette de Chevre.

Image Courtesy: Living

The Pizza made it to Guinness Book of World Records

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Image Courtesy: Guinnesworldrecords

When this pizza was ready, it was tested for Guinness Book of World Records officers, after which officials gave it the title of World’s Cheesiest Pizza. Other people eating it told that there were different flavours in its every byte.

For your information, let’s say that the longest pizza in the world was made in Los Angeles last year. It was 2 kilometres long. Hopefully, these new records will continue to be made for pizza lovers even further.


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