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World Toilet Day 2021: Who Cares About Toilets?

Nearly half of the world’s population lives without a ‘safely managed sanitation service.’ Sanitation, which is A Basic Human Right, is not available to many people. The issue of cleanliness is very important to save people from disease. The cleanliness we are talking about is related to toilets. World Toilet Day(2021) is celebrated every year on 19 November. This day is celebrated to make the world understand the value of cleanliness. It is celebrated in the countries of the world that are members of the United Nations. According to statistics, every person in the world needs toilets, but about 2.5 billion people do not have regular access to toilets. To understand this very closely, World Toilet Day (2021)is being celebrated.

World Toilet Day 2021

World Toilet Day 2021


The history of celebrating World Toilet Day began in 2001. It was initially started as the World Toilet Organization by a Singapore philanthropist, Jack Sim or Mr. Toilet. He brought the issues of cleanliness to the global media center stage through the medium of humor. He created the World Toilet Organization as a global network and forum to discuss toilet issues and solutions. Then World Toilet Day was started by the United Nations-Water Organization in 2001. Many organizations present there started working hard for the global recognition of this day. Finally, The United Nations officially declared access to water and sanitation a human right in 2010. In 2013, the World Toilet Organization was declared an official United Nations International Day.
Then later, its name was changed to World Toilet Day.

Why is this Day important?

As we know, that toilet is needed by every person in the world, but still many people are far from its reach. It is only because of this day that we get to know how important the issue of cleanliness has become. In 2014, a shocking revelation came to the fore at the World Toilet Day India celebrations. There it was found that more than 60.4% of the population does not have a toilet. Many people die every year in the world due to a lack of sanitation. That’s why World Toilet Day draws attention to this cleanliness issue. The main objective of this day is to break the taboo of talking about toilets in our society.

It was revealed from the official website of WTD that globally, around 2 billion people use drinking water sources contaminated with sewage. Due to poor sanitation, there is a serious disease like diarrhea, killing many children every year. Those who do not even have toilets and their entire families are at risk of health. World Toilet Day(2021) draws attention to protecting the dignity, safety, and health of women and girls. Women and girls have a lot of problems during menstruation and pregnancy, which need to be understood.

World Toilet Day 2021 activities

The presence of safe, clean, accessible, and acceptable toilets in health facilities is a non-negotiable basic requirement. People are being motivated a lot to celebrate World Toilet Day 2021. For World Toilet Day 2021 activities, the youth of the world are being given the task of making something. In this, people between 19 and 24 have to make a video or any other digital content on the “human rights of water and sanitation of people living close to nature.” People who live close to nature may include farmers, farmers, fishers, hunters and gatherers, pastoralists, and traders. For more information, go here

When human waste remains in the open, it spreads to food crops, causing fatal and chronic diseases. These events are also involved in Promoting Climate Change. Sanitation and clean water are everyone’s rights. Therefore, everyone must access sustainable sanitation, clean water, and sanitation facilities to maintain healthy communities and prevent deadly infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and other diseases.

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