Tuesday, March 28

World Class Lounge at New Delhi Railway Station Only at a Cost of Rs 150

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Some things in the world leave us with a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. One such thing is New Delhi railway station’s new lounge. These are world class lounge just at cost of Rs. 150.

Best Lounge in Delhi Nearest Railway Station-

lounge in Delhi


A secret corner at the New Delhi Railway Station, which we and you can not imagine. Actually, has a lounge on the station, this lounge is giving a tough competition to those at airports. This waiting room offers amenities ranging from comfortable chairs to buff meals to deluxe, suites and sleeping. Apart from this, there is also a Massage Center, a small 5D movie theater, a family room and a business center. Not only this, it also has a storage room, which can be used by paying extra money.

New Delhi Lounge

Image Courtesy: TOI

You can enjoy this beautiful resting place by going to platform no. 16. The amazing thing is that you do not even need to spend a lot of money on this. Per person will have to pay only Rs. 150 for two hours. At the same time, a charge of Rs 55 would be applicable for every 1 hour after the time. It is under the supervision of IRCTC, and these are cheap lounges in Delhi.


You can book it online or pay in cash also. The card is given to the passengers as soon as they enter the lounge, through which they can track the time spent there. Along with it, platform one-1 is also planning to make such a lounge. These rest room are look like business class lounge.

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Seeing the pictures of the lounge, we are getting a feeling of five-star hotel. This seems like a dream but it is reality, A few people know about this so far. Now if your train is late, then you can spend a few moments of comfort here.

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