Tuesday, March 28

The wonderful World of Slim Books for Short Readers.

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How many times in your busy schedules have you bookmarked that favourite novel but could never complete it? How much you loved the plot of the story but wished it could have been shorter. Welcome to the world of short reads or slim books.

what is slim books


Slim Books You can Read in a Day-

What are Slim Books?
Slim Books are short books to read which you can finish off in a day or even in an hour. In today’s fast world when we do not have time to finish off our breakfast properly reading a book is kind of luxury. With decreasing attention span and increasing demand on time short books are the best bet to satisfy your reading appetite. In a slimbook the writer organises his ideas in a brilliant manner with meaningful content but in a short style. Good short books to read are great stress busters and a fruitful distraction from the gadget world.

Some of The Short Books You must Read-

  • Tea for two and a piece of cake

Tea for two and a piece of cake slim books


It is a heart-warming story of a women, her marriage to a millionaire and the subsequent events that follow.


  • Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri slim books


This Pulitzer winning book has sold over 15 million copies world-wide. The stories are about Indians and Indian Americans who are stuck between their roots and the new world.

  • The Alchemist Paul Coelho

The Alchemist Paul Coelho slim books


Originally written in Portuguese and translated in 70 languages this international best seller is about a boy and his journey to the pyramids of Egypt after a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

  • The Room on The Roof by Ruskin Bond

The Room on The Roof by Ruskin Bond slimbook


The Room on the roof is the first literary venture of Ruskin bond. He wrote this short book at the age of 17. This is the story of an orphaned boy rusty and how he fled home to live with his Indian friends.

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