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Women Should Also Get Equal Rights Of Women.

This year, we will be 75 years after we got freedom from the British. Amrit Mahotsav is being organized across the country on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence. India is a secular and democratic country. Here, along with the followers of all religions, the rights of women should also be protected. But there are still some instances where it does not appear to be followed. 

Rights of women

The rights of Women

Muslim women

However, the present government has removed the inequality related to divorce. For this, the government has taken steps to give equal rights to Muslim women bypassing the Muslim Women Bill ( marriage rights protection ). But issues like polygamy and halala still dominate them all. In the case of polygamy for a woman married to a Hindu, the law protects her rights, but the same law is helpless when it comes to marrying a Muslim.

The rights of Parsi women

Women from the Parsi community had expressed concern over the Parsi Marriage of 1936 and Divorce Act. According to the Act, the matrimonial issue of Parsis is dealt with by special Parsi courts. There are members of the Parsi community along with the judge who gives suggestions to the judge. In this context, Parsi women have approached the Supreme Court.  And to implement the system of family courts under codified laws. 

Rights of women

To strengthen national identity and unity Under the Directive Principles of the Constitution, the concept of Universality theory has been enshrined in Article 44. It was conceived by Babasaheb Ambedkar Ji and other constitution-makers together. This principle needs to be revived. It should be expected that human rights filled with faith and creed should be protected on the background of Amrit Mahotsav of independent India. Simultaneously, similar laws of civil rights will become the architects of national identity. Because India is capable of giving equal rights to all and women’s rights are human rights.

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