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Winter Olympics 2018: When, Where and How to Watch Games, live streaming on TV

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The much talked about Winter Olympics will be taken place in South Korea. This winter Olympics 2018 will be special for Korean peninsula. This is the first time when North Korea and South Korea became close. North Korea has sent their team to south. The event is seen as a bridge of peace between the North and South.

winter olympics 2018


About the Winter Olympics Event:

The 6th Winter Olympics of the Winter (Winter) Olympic, running in Pyongchang, South Korea, will be played in six events final. There will be medal events of Alpine Skiing, Bethnalon, Cross Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Figure Skating, and Speed ​​Skating.

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Geo TV is working in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee for broadcasting these games in India, which allows millions of Geo TV users in India to watch live broadcasts. Geo TV has created several exclusive channels for the convenience of users. So that the full broadcast of these games can be seen in 24 x7. Apart from this, there is also a seven-day catch-up feature. This allows users to see if they want to see a match again. Also highlights and repeat programming is being done.

Winter Olympics


When and where will the 2018 Winter Olympics be held?

The Pyongchang city of South Korea will be 2018 olympics location and  will start from February 9 to February 25 .

When and where can you see the Korea Olympics?

Live coverage of the Olympics can be viewed on the Geo TV, Olympic channel and Olympic YouTube channel from 5.30 am on Indian time.

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So, this February get ready to see some action live from Pyongchang city and witness the enthusiasm of athletes.

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