Saturday, September 23

Why Tesla Car Is Different From Other Cars?

Tesla car is considered to be the largest car company in the world. The sale of this car is the highest in the world. Tesla company is the world’s top leading electric car manufacturer. Tesla, the electric car maker of veteran businessman Elon Musk, is quite popular.  There are hundreds of electronic car makers around the world but so far none have succeeded to overtake Tesla. The reason behind this is the features found in the Tesla electronic car. This company exports its models to about 30 countries of the world.

Tesla Car

What are the features of this car that keep it different from the rest of the car, we will discuss it further. For the time being, let us tell that its entry into India is going to happen soon. The demand for this car is increasing continuously.

 Features of Tesla Car

Range accuracy

The range accuracy of the Tesla electric cars is much better than all other electronic cars. Many companies are such that even after driving properly and the battery is fully charged, it is not able to give the range accuracy as claimed. But this is not the case with Tesla. Tesla’s latest model with updated battery architecture offers both long-range and plaid powertrains capable of a back-to-back, continuous 1/4 mile runs.

Tesla electronic car

Autopilot mode

Autopilot mode, due to which the driver can drive without touching the steering. Although these features are also in other electric cars, the autopilot mode in Tesla’s cars is the best compared to the rest of the cars. It has the most accurate and safe autopilot mode.  It is the world’s first best autopilot electric car.

Keyless access

Like other cars, this car does not require a key. If you want, you can also access it through the company’s mobile app. Apart from this, other features of the car can also be done from mobile.

With all these features, this car is different from the rest of the cars. Very soon it will be visible in India also. It is believed that by the end of this year, the Tesla car will start running on the roads of India.

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