Thursday, October 5

Why Fasting In Festivals Are So Important?

Today is the eighth day of The Holy Festival Of Navratri. By the way, this is the seventh day because this time, Navratri is only for eight days. It is known as Maha Ashtami or Durga Ashtami. Today, Maha Gauri, the eighth form of Maa Durga, is worshipped. Many devotees fast for nine days during Navratri, while many people keep fast on Ashtami today. There is a long old tradition of fasting on the occasion of a festival in Hinduism. After all, why do people keep fast, and what is the importance of fasting? Today, on the occasion of this Durga Ashtami, I will tell you about the importance of fasting in festivals.

fasting in festivals

There is a special mention in the Puranas that our sages used to purify the body, mind, and soul through fasting. With purification, they used to get supernatural power. In a verse of Yajurveda, it is said that human gets the ability of an advanced life only by fasting which is called initiation. By initiation, people get Dakshina, i.e. success in the work they want to do. Faith awakens by fasting, and with confidence, the goal of life is attained. Not giving up the purity of conduct even in difficult situations, following it faithfully, is fasting. The work done with extraordinary determination, which is the reason for achieving the goal, is known as fasting.

Importance of Fasting in festivals

Impurities and irregularities come in life by living an uncontrolled life; the only successful option to remove them is to observe fast. You must have noticed yourself that due to the intoxication of food, lethargy comes into the body. Due to laziness, the spiritual power starts getting destroyed during worship. By fasting in festivals does the mind of a person becomes healthy and pure. It increases our self-confidence during prayer. Confidence gives us strength from within. It is through fasting that the attitude of restraint is developed. With moderation, the expenditure of powers decreases. In this way, both self-purification and strength are obtained by fasting.

Fasting in festivals is considered an infallible means for overcoming the senses, subjective lust, and the mind. According to the doctor, fasting is also beneficial in many physical and mental diseases. By fasting for one day a week, the internal organs of our body get a chance to rest. Apart from this, they also get a chance to clean up. Therefore, it increases the physical and mental strength of the body. The purpose of fasting is not to exploit the body. Its purpose is to awaken the will to achieve the goal.

Mahatma Buddha also took a vow to fulfill his dream. He had meditated Under The Maha Bodhi Tree, saying that even if my body becomes dry, all my flesh and blood may perish, but my body will not even move from it without spiritual knowledge. It was because of this resolution that he had attained knowledge. Therefore, if you have fasted today on Durga Ashtami, then take a solution to fulfill your goal. You are ready to face any situation to achieve your goal. On the day of Durga Ashtami, Maha Gauri will satisfy your every wish.

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