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When Did The Idea Of ​​Saying ‘Say Cheese’ Come?

“Say cheese” we speak this word when we are getting the photo clicked. Everyone wants their photo to be different and the best. Clicking photos and getting them clicked is also an art. The angle of clicking the photo, the inclination of your body in the photo, surrounding lighting, background, all these are necessary for a perfect photo. Finally, to make the photo look alive, we say the word “Say Cheese”. As soon as you say Cheese, a small smile comes on your lips. In this way, you are successful in Getting A Beautiful Photo. But did you try to know when the custom of saying Cheese started? Who in the world first said Cheese while clicking the photo? Today we tell you that when did we start saying “Say Cheese” while clicking the photo?

say cheese


First of all, you should understand that this word has nothing to do with dairy products. In today’s time, if you are 7 years old or 70 years old, you take care of the tradition of saying Cheese while photographing. Although no specific information has been found about it, In 1943, an article related to this was published in The Big Spring Herald, a local Texas newspaper. According to that, the idea of saying Cheese while posing for photographs dates back to the 1940s.

According to most people, When we say the word Cheese, then it forces us to smile. You look after speaking when you say “ch” then both your teeth clench each other. After this, when you say the big sound of “E”, it splits your lips. Speaking Cheese like this changes your facial expression. During the 19th century, you must have noticed that only pictures of children and farmers came with smiling. At that time, most people kept their facial expressions steady. At that time, a neutral face was considered attractive and dignified. There was also a reason to keep the face neutral while photographing.

Different reasons for say Cheese

At that time, there were not so many good cameras that your photo could be clicked in seconds. It used to take many hours for people to click a picture. Think yourself, and it will be very difficult for someone to stand for so long. In such a situation, people used to forget to smile.

There could be another reason to sit in a serious posture while photographing. At that time, photographs were very expensive, so except for the king, people would have been able to take only one or two photographs in their lifetime. That’s why he used to be in his best posture while getting photographed, and that was a serious pose.

There can also be another reason for not showing teeth while being photographed. At that time, people had no preference to keep their teeth shiny. No one was interested in keeping the teeth clean. That’s why most people’s teeth were broken or in poor condition. So if they showed his teeth while smiling, his photo would have been spoiled.

The pose of Serious in the photo ended in the 1900s when Kodak’s $1 camera was invented. The rise of The Hollywood Film Industry with this invention allowed more “everyday” moments to be captured in film. After this, people started smiling in the pictures and started talking “Say Cheese” while smiling.

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