Monday, May 29

WhatsApp Voice Message Preview Before Sending

WhatsApp Always Updates Something new for its users. Now WhatsApp has given the option to preview the message. It has released a new whatsapp voice message preview. It means that users will now hear voice messages themselves before sending them to anyone. Not only this, if the sender feels that something is wrong with their voice message, then they can also make some changes to it. If something goes wrong with the voice note, we will be able to fix it. Apart from this, increasing the speed of voice messages has also been made available. Users are very much like this new feature of WhatsApp. Sometimes, we wanted to say something else, but they sent to something else. Now users will not have any such problem. Through this new feature, users will first preview their Whatsapp voice message; that is, they will be able to listen, then, if they want to change anything in it, they can also change or increase its speed. Let’s see how you can use it on your WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Voice Message preview

WhatsApp Voice Message Preview

Open any of the chat options. Record voice by touching the hands-free microphone just like you do for voice recording. After recording the voice message, tap on Stop. Here you will get to preview your voice message. Here you can listen to your recordings by tapping on Play. You can tap any part of the recording to play it from that timestamp. If your voice message isn’t sendable, you can delete it by tapping on the Trash can or the Send option. Speed up voice message playback.

Increase Speed of Voice Message

Along with previewing and editing voice messages, another feature has been added. You can increase the speed of voice messages sent by anyone or your recorded voice messages. For this, tap Play on the voice message you have sent or received. If you want to increase the speed of the voice message, then tap on 1x. By touching it, you will see the option of different speeds. From here, you can listen to the voice message at whatever speed you want.

There was a lot of debate about privacy on WhatsApp. Users said that WhatsApp leaks its chats and interferes with people’s privacy. After completely denying this, WhatsApp has made its privacy very strong. It says that all the users’ chats are end to end encrypted. Any third party cannot read it. That’s why WhatsApp Always Updates With Many New Features under its privacy.

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