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What To Do To Get Rid Of Black nails

Every part of our body is the cause of our personality. Beauty is not just from the face but from the whole personality.  There are different types of creams, face packs, and many beauty products for the beauty of the face. But if we talk about nails, then only limited products are available.  Nails are also a part of our body and it has to be taken care of in the same way as we do our face.  Today we will talk about nails. What is the reason why nails turn black?

Black nails

Fungal Toenail Infection

The first and most common cause is fungal toenail infection.  Fungal infections like athlete’s foot sometimes spread to our nails. Due to these infections, the color of the nails becomes red, yellow, green, brown, blue, etc. If such color is seen in the nails of someone’s feet, then they need to contact the doctor.

Not wearing shoes properly  

Sometimes it happens that the shoe sometimes becomes too tight and sometimes it becomes loose.  Running and walking with such tight and loose shoes also causes dark spots under the nails.  This can also put the nail plate at risk of separation. To avoid this, you have to choose your shoes in the right way. 

Apart from these two, the color of the nails also turns black due to some heavy thing falling on the feet.  Never take black nails lightly because darkening of nails is an early symptom of skin cancer

According to experts, it takes a long time to treat this type of nail infection. Therefore it is necessary to protect the nails. 

  • Clean the nail and the skin around it from time to time and keep it dry so that there is no infection. 
  • Avoid sharing manicure and pedicure tools as sharing can also lead to infection. 
  •  foods made of coconut oil in include in your diet.
  • Consuming garlic, curd, foods made from apple cider vinegar are useful in protecting the nails from infection.
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