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What To Buy And Not To Buy On Dhanteras 2021?

The festival season has started in India. From Dhanteras to Bhaiya Dooj, the biggest festival in India, the five-day festival is celebrated with great pomp. According to the Hindu calendar, this year’s Dhanteras 2021 is falling on 2 November. It is believed that buying gold and silver on the day of Dhanteras is very optimistic. People wait for this day for years so that on the day of Dhanteras, they Buy Gold and silver items for themselves. Especially women enjoy a lot buying gold items on the day of Dhanteras.

Dhanteras 2021

On this day, shopkeepers also bring new items to entice the customers. There is no place to even set foot in the goldsmith’s shop. But some families cannot afford expensive items like gold and silver. Apart from this, on Dhanteras, shopkeepers increase the price of gold and silver so that a middle-class family can’t buy such expensive items. It has been a tradition to shop for Dhanteras and bring some of the other items in the house. For this, you do not need to be sad; in this inflation era, some metals are considered as auspicious as gold and silver to buy on Dhanteras. Let us tell you which are the metals that you can buy on Dhanteras 2021.

What you can buy on Dhanteras 2021?

Brass pot

Brass utensils are considered very auspicious among Hindus. In the homes of most Hindus, worship is done on brass utensils only. Therefore, buying brass utensils on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras can be optimistic for your family. It is believed that keeping a brass vessel in the east direction of the house improves all the bad things.


Just like iron, consuming food in a copper vessel can greatly improve your health. It is believed that by eating food in a copper vessel, you lose weight, and arthritis and joint pain are also removed. Therefore, on the day of Dhanteras 2021, you can buy copper utensils instead of gold and silver. Copper is also considered auspicious, like gold and silver.


Platinum is considered a very pure and rare metal. Its white glow shines like the Sun and the Moon. Therefore, on the occasion of Dhanteras, instead of gold and silver, you can also buy platinum, which is considered as auspicious as gold and silver. Jewelry made of platinum is very shiny and attractive.

In this way, you can buy these three metals on the day of Dhanteras, which will be much less than the price of gold and silver. You can also celebrate the auspicious day of Dhanteras 2021 without buying expensive things.

What you should not buy on Dhanteras 2021?

You Can Also Buy Digital Gold on this day. Apart from this, let us tell you what you should not buy on the day of Dhanteras. You should not buy ceramic, glass, plastic, and the like iron. It is believed that on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, one should not bring all these metal items. Bringing all these things in the house is a bit of bad luck. According to astrology, if you buy these items even after forgetting on the day of Dhanteras, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and splendor will end from the house, and there will be poverty and sadness. Therefore, on Dhanteras 2021, you should buy wisely.

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