Tuesday, October 3

What Is Catfishing And How to Avoid It?

Today is the era of online. From studies to training, shopping, office work, everything has become online. People also make friends online. In a way, it is okay that now people are not alone, they find friends online with whom they can share their problems and anything else. But as we know everything has two sides. Similarly, there are many things to keep in mind while making friends online. Because you can not see that online friend until he wants to. And we do not even know with what intention the person has become your friend. If someone is talking to us for some purpose by making a fake ID with the wrong intention, it is called catfishing. Today we talk about catfishing.


Catfishing is a phenomenon where a person creates a fake online identity to lure, defrauding and rob other people.  By the way, a person who creates a fake online identity is called a catfisher. These catfishers hide their identity by using technology and loot money from the people in front. The victims of catfishing are sensitive people. Because it is very easy to bring such people into your words. That’s why in this online world, you need to be very careful while making friends.

There are a few ways by which you can find out whether you are a victim of catfishing or not.

Online friends

Is your online friend real or someone is fooling you with a fake ID.

  • Catfisher’s media profile will either be incomplete or it will be new. Posts will be short and the friend lists will not be very long.
  • Will make excuses for not making video calls. Even after months of talking, make excuses for not meeting in front.
  •  Being a catfisher he/ she will refuse to tell about friends and family.
  • These catfishers get serious about their relationship with you very quickly. When asked a question about something, he gets angry immediately.

Therefore, whenever you make friends online, observe that profile thoroughly. Inquire others who are common friends as well. If there is any doubt, report it immediately.

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