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Quad, i.e., Quadrilateral Security Dialog India, Japan, America, and Australia came to the fore after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It was named the Tsunami Core Group. At that time, this alliance played several roles related to relief and rescue work. However, the group was disbanded after the tsunami’s work was completed. After that, in 2007, the Prime Minister of Japan Abi Shinjo gave the idea of creating the Quad. At that time, Australia did not give support, and this alliance did not join. But in 2017, Australia changed its mind. The Quad came into existence with the support of Australia just before the ASEAN Summit.


China has to be reined in. Whether it is the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, the democracies of the world are seeing the Quad cracking down on China’s growing ambitions. It is believed that there is an alliance parallel to China that can compete economically and socially. At present, the Quad is the temporary group for the world. It can be molded as a form of an economic and security-based international grouping. At present, India has shown that it is ready to face China while moving rapidly towards self-reliance.


The association of the Quad with other countries is natural for the US. It has treaties with Australia and Japan. At the same time, India is its important political partner. Donald Trump’s administration strengthened the ties of these countries, and now Joe Biden is also moving on the same path. America’s economic interests are linked to the Indo-Pacific region. According to a UN report, In 2019, US business of $ 1.9 trillion, about 140 lakh rupees, has passed through this region touching two oceans and many continents. Forty-two percent of the world’s exports and 38 percent of imports pass through this region. China’s attempt to change the status quo in the region is a subject of concern for the US.

On the other hand, the way China is violating democratic values, the concern of other Quad countries has also increased. China has strained relations with all the member countries of the Quad. China’s conflict with America is well known. Australia is also battling economic sanctions with China since the investigation into the source of the Corona epidemic. Also, India and Japan have border disputes with China.


Former Chief Minister of Japan AB Shinjo acknowledged the importance of the Quad towards ensuring an open and free Indo-Pacific region. He played a role in preparing the former president, Donald Trump administration, for this. Japan is heavily dependent on the sea route for trade around the world. Japan’s defense forces have strengthened relations with India and Australia. At the same time, it has strengthened the development of manufacturing, trade, and infrastructure in the entire region. China’s activism in this area is a cause for concern for Japan, like other Quad countries.

Japan is also monitoring China’s economic activities in the region. To stop the increasing interference of China, Japan wants to give a new option for cooperation and business to the countries of Southeast Asia. The trade war between America and China, the delay in telling everyone in the world about Corona, and China’s aggressive policy in Wuhan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Galvan Valley cases have opened the way for India.


India can get huge investments by changing its policies. It will improve the employment situation, and India’s importance in the Quad will also increase. Quad member countries can enhance defense diplomacy by conducting joint military exercises and strengthening cyber security systems for the world. A Quad is a group of like-minded democratic forces that will be instrumental in ending the ideology of a bipolar world and creating a multilateral system. In this way, the strategic alliance between India and Japan is a win-win deal for both countries. The Quad country can also take advantage of its expertise in naval and other matters. With this, the activities of China in the South China Sea region can also be monitored by Quad.

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