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Ways To Maintain The Range Of Electric scooter

Electric scooters are becoming quite popular across the country. The demand for electric scooters has increased in the markets because one does not cause any pollution by running it, and secondly, the cost of running it is very less. Recently, Ola Electric had started the sales process of its electric scooter. It comes in two trims – Ola S1 and S1 Pro. The company has sold scooters worth Rs 600 crore on the first day, i.e. Wednesday. And what is even happier for the company is that the sale of the electric scooter on the second day was much higher than on the first day. Ola co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal said on social media that the sales of its S1 electric scooter had crossed Rs 1,100 crore in two days. He further said that the company had stopped the procurement process, but it will be re-opened during Diwali.

By the way, every company works on increasing the range of its scooter. But sometimes it happens that on an electric scooter, you cannot get the range according to the company. We have brought you some simple tips to get a better range on a scooter, which is done at a very low cost. It allows you to enjoy longer distances with better range.

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Maintain The Range Of Electric scooter

Protect from outside weather.

It often happens that people park their scooters in the open, and it is not good for your scooter. Whatever the weather, winter, summer, or rain, leaving an electric scooter outside can affect its battery. Impact on the battery can reduce the range of the scooter. So try to park your electric scooter in a shady place only. If you do not find any shady place to park somewhere, you should cover the scooter so that the weather does not affect the scooter.

Scooter servicing

In today’s race life, people cannot get their electric scooter serviced at the right time. Such carelessness can damage the battery of your scooter. Regular servicing is essential for a scooter battery to function properly and maintain a good range. That’s why you must take the time to get the scooter serviced.

Keep pace with the economy.

If you want your electric scooter to give a good range, then while driving the scooter, keep its speed till the economy mode. If you are driving it at high speed, your scooter will give half the operating range. Because it is well known that running the scooter at high speed will consume battery and give less range.

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Avoid overloading

Even though an electric scooter’s motor is powerful, putting too much pressure on it can affect the range. If more people sit on an electric scooter, it has to consume more battery to run, automatically reducing the range. Therefore overloading on a scooter should be avoided only then its range will be correct.
This way, you can keep your electric scooter range with small precautions. All these tips are very easy, and there will be no cost to adopt them.

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