Tuesday, November 28

Water Pollution Can Cause Cancer

We have been studying pollution since childhood. In school, we were often found to write essays on this topic. And what is pollution, how does it happen, how can it be stopped? We used to write his point of view on such questions. At that time one line which we used to write more was that the smoke from factories is the cause of pollution.


It is also true that where there is industry, that area is more polluted. Because an industry causes pollution of not only air but also water. The pollution caused in the water is not only a threat to the organisms living in them, but also to the humans who eat fish or seafood.

Specialists says about pollution

Recently, Dr. Anshuman, a cancer specialist at Dharamshila Hospital, says that Harmful metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury are found in water. These metals can be the cause of cancer.  When all these elements would have been dissolved in the water, then the fish would have grown up with these elements.  When humans use these fish as their diet, then all these harmful elements enter their bodies with food. And due to this, the chances of getting cancer in their body can be high. There is a possibility of food poisoning by eating such fish. Pregnant women should avoid consuming seafood.  Because all this can harm their child a lot. As the baby’s tongue and palate may be severed at birth


Such pollution sometimes even kills fish, due to which their numbers are decreasing. Because of this, problems have also arisen for those who used to make their living by catching fish. And there’s no other option for them.


Now the idea is to think about how to reduce pollution because if the industry is reduced, then the development of the country may decrease. Yes, we can reduce pollution by planting trees but due to the increasing population, this also seems impossible. For this, such industries will have to be set up in the country so that there is no danger of pollution like mill industry, etc.

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