The Emergence of Voice Recognition Technology in the Present Era
Monday, March 20

The Emergence of Voice Recognition Technology in the Present Era

In the past few years from now, the voice recognition technology was not as reliable as it is today. In the recent era, the technology has crossed several barriers and overcome the flaws that it had in the past. According to the recent studies, the software for voice recognition by Microsoft is rated with an error percentage of 5.1. This makes it far better to recognize and adapt to human voice recognizers and is preferred by millions around the globe. There is a visible sophistication in the growth of the chatbots and the robotic speech. There is a continuation in the improvements for the technology of speech recognition which will enable a solid manifesto in the years to come for the seamless conversation technology. Both way communications without any misinterpretation will be a possibility in a short span of time from now.

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What is Voice Recognition?

This is a computing technology technique which is implemented to create special systems and software to distinguish the voice of different speakers uniquely. It also helps to identify the voices of individuals separately and authenticate them.

It appraises the biometrics in the voice of individuals, for example, the flow of voice, the frequency and the original accent of the individuals.

The voice recognition is often referred to as speech recognition. It is a software or a device that has the power to decode the voice of every individual. The voice recognition finds its application in operating devices, writing without the keyboard, performing different commands, working without a mouse or even having to press a button.

How does Speech Recognition Work?

It works on the automatic speech recognition program and the software is used on a computer. In some cases, the individual who uses the ASR program requires to train it in order to recognize his or her voice with better accuracy and convert their speech to text. Working with ASR technology is very easy like a user needs to say “open browser” and the internet browser automatically opens. Soundcard, a headset or a microphone is required along with a computer to work on voice recognition app. Even smartphones are fitted with all the important software necessary to work on this recognition. The software used by an individual must have voice recognition support or in case a user wants to use it everywhere, he or she must install a program.

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Features and Advantages of Voice Recognition Technology –

  1. Faster and easier: In earlier times keypad was the only option available for users to deliver a command. But with the development of voice recognition communication has become easier and faster than before.
  2. Precise working: Avoiding errors is easy thus users can focus more on other things that they need to do.
  3. Improvement in productivity: Voice-based apps offer focused operations that improve operational productivity.
  4. Safety improvement: This technology is fast and at the same time safe to decode and follow. It also involves less training.

Software and Technology used in Voice Recognition –

There has been quite a good amount of development in voice recognition technology. The competition between the app developing companies is getting intensified which ensures more advancement in this technology. In the long run, the Google speech recognition online will experience a lot more developments.

  1. Google Voice – Google voice is a type of service that permits a user to ask questions and also to search for things on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  2. Siri – Apple’s Siri is for the Apple devices. This is a very good example of voice recognition which helps users to answer questions on their devices.
  3. Amazon Alexa: Functionalities of Alexa is very simple can user does not need to put in any efforts to learn its usage. It’s like asking questions, for example, one just have to ask Alexa to play music, read any recipe, or adjust light and it does all types of work instantly. The users need not have to activate Alexa manually or touch any screen.
  4. Microsoft Cortana: Cortana is a Microsoft creation. It is a virtual assistant created and used by several products. It is a digital assistant available for free. Also, it has the ability to send reminders, take care of different tasks, keep lists and notes and list, and help in managing calendar.
  5. Baidu: Baidu is a technology that hails from China. It concentrates mainly on Artificial Intelligence and Internet-related services.  This technology is a combination of computer vision, understanding natural language, deep learning, data mining, speech recognition and synthesis, and BI.
  6. SAPI: SAPI is Speech Application Program Interface developed by Microsoft and its .NET frameworks.
  7. Car Bluetooth software: The phone pairing with the Bluetooth in the can work using voice recognition. For example, a user needs to command like make a call and the call is done hand free. Thus the user does not have to use a mobile phone while driving.

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Devices and Systems for Voice Recognition –

Phone systems that are automated – This automated system is used by many companies nowadays to redirect their caller to the required department.

The Automated speech recognition is a simple example of voice recognition. Following are examples of voice recognition systems.

  • Speaker dependent system – It requires some training before one can use it like reading a series of words or phrases.
  • Speaker independent system – The voice recognition software does not require any training to recognize voices of users.
  • Recognition of continuous speech – The voice recognition machine has the ability to understand any normal speaking rate.
  • Natural language – The speech recognition recognizes the voice of individuals and also answers to such questions by performing the requested task or given the command.

Final Word –

In order to explain “how does voice recognition software work?” the technology works by integrating speech recognition property into a user’s mobile app. The user of voice recognition can do much more as they do not have to use their phone keypad. There are no chances of errors that might occur in case of typing long sentences. Moreover, communications are hands-free and it saves much time.

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