Friday, March 24

‘Bikini Airlines’ will Start in India from July

Vietjet Airlines of Vietnam will start its flight services in India soon. Airlines have announced that 4 days direct flights will start from Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Although no fixed date has been stated, it is expected that this air service could start from July.

bikini airlines

Viet jet Air is also known as the ‘Bikini Airline’ among the passengers. Vietnam Airlines run the billionaire businesswoman Guine Thi Hung Thao. Vietjet air hostess dress is a bikini or small clothes in the flight. He chose their dress code too.

Look at the picture if we are wrong:Vietjet Airlines

This low-cost airline is one of the world’s most controversial airlines. The reason for this is that many countries are against the concept of a hostess wearing a bikini. Currently, these airlines operate at home and abroad, including about 60 routes including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

VetJet is Vietnam’s first private airline company. In 2017, 177 million passengers travelled by this. It earned a total of 986 million dollars or more than Rs. 64 billion. This was 41.8 percent higher than its 2016 income. In 2016, Vijayatjet Airlines was ranked in Asia’s Top 500 brand.

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