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Valentines Day Special: Goddess of beauty could only be born on Valentine’s Day

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February is the month of love because of Valentine’s Day, and also because it is spring time. It’s the time when gardens are full of flowers and bees. So, there is no doubt that this month is the perfect time to show your love to someone special.

In the beginning of February, we were talking about Sanket Saxena who got the punishment of love. Right now we are crazy behind the National Crusher Priya Varieer. But there is a different kind of opposition to love in Indian society. A reality on which it is a matter of putting all kinds of restrictions. But today we are not talking about any restrictions nor what to do on V Day but we will be telling you some facts about a special person who was born on this beautiful day of love.

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On February 14, there is another thing along with Valentine’s Day. Famous Indian actress Madhubala was born on this day. By the way, this date suits perfectly for the birth of Madhubala.

So, on this day let’s discuss some facts about this beautiful actress

Much has been written about the beauty of Madhubala from the last three generations. Timeless beauty, aging with Grace and all such lines suited her well. It was Madhubala, for which Salim Badshah said before Akbar that our heart is not your Hindustan. There are many stories about Madhubala. Her marriage could not be settled with Dilip Saheb. Haji Mastan, who was called Sultan of Mumbai, was so crazy that he married other heroine who looks like Madhubala.


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Madhubala’s father was very strict. So much that he could not go to school. She started earning at a very young age. Madhubala’s didn’t had a social life. Although Madhubala had learned a lot while living in the house and even before 18, she used to speak in English.

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Hollywood theater magazine once called Madhubala world’s biggest star. It is interesting that Madhubala never went to Beverly Hills in life. She acted in 70 films. Of which, only 15 hits have been hit or super hit.

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Madhubala had a heart disease from a very young age. This condition was mainly due to her father’s expectations on her. Madhubala married Kishore Kumar after being separated from Dilip Kumar. On February 23, 1969 Madhubala left this world. We remember her as a beautiful and talented actorress of Bollywood.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. We wish all our readers a Happy Valentine Day. Have a good evening ahead!

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