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Valentine Special 14 February 2018 Celebrate Valentine Week

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Now your Valentine Week has come. So have you any planed for your partner? No….. Why are you getting late? Do something new for your Valentine Special partner. Firstly to celebrate Valentine Week, know about these days of week.

Which day we what celebrate- Valentine Week

valentine week 14 feburay 2018

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1. 7 Feb – Rose day
2. 8 Feb – Propose day
3. 9 Feb – Chocolate day
4. 10 Feb – Teddy day
5. 11 Feb – Promise day
6. 12 Feb – Hug day
7. 13 Feb – Kiss day
8. 14 Feb – Valentine day

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Rose Day:-

Happy Rose Day valentine day

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Today is 7 Feb 2018 which is celebrated as Rose Day. This day is beginning of the much-awaited Valentine day. In the world, there are kinds of roses. Each rose has different meaning and sentiment. So, take a look before you pick your bunch. The best way to make romantic this special day is to pick red roses for your special one like husband, wife girlfriend, boyfriend whatever . But be aware that each colour have a different meaning.

Propose Day:-

propose day 2018 valentine day

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8 February is celebrated as a Propose Day. On this occasion, you may propose some. You can give cards, letters, flowers or gifts to their spouse or lover. Propose day gives you a golden chance to accept your proposal.

Chocolate Day:-

Chocolate Day 2018 valentine day

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3rd day of valentine week is Chocolate Day. Most of the people specially female like the Chocolate. So this day is lucky day for boys or men to impress her partner by giving Chocolates. Girl also can impress his boyfriend/husband.

Teddy Day:-

Teddy Day 2018 valentine day

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Teddy day is 4 th day of valentine. On 1o February 2018, we will celebrate again Teddy day. So be ready to gift teddies to impress someone.

Promise Day:-

promise day 2018 valentine day

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On 11 February, you can make promise with your partner. Promise day is a special day that gives special attention in your relation. Promise may be like ” sang jeena sang marna “, love forever, will never hurt, getting marry and so on.

Hug Day:-

Hug Day 2018 valentine day

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Oooo wow 12 February. Hug day is a a very beautiful expression of love. Give a tight, bone crushing hug to your loved one to let them how much you love.

Kiss Day:-

kiss day 2018 valentine day

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The sixth day of the Valentine is Kiss Day which is celebrated on 13 February. On this special moment share this feeling with each other by steal kisses. Let your lover feel loved and cared. Give a gentle, loving kiss on this day as you gift him/her.

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Valentine Day:-

Finally the last day i.e. 14 February is Valentine day. You must take time out from their schedules, make some plans for spending quality time with each other. If you love to someone, please express your feeling to his/her without any hesitation.

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