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Using Robots In War: Is It Good Or Bad?

Moving forward in the field of technology, the world’s developed countries are engaged in making even the best robots. Human-looking robots are very useful for doing any work. But sometimes, these human-like robots prove to be quite dangerous. You must have seen Superstar Rajinikanth’s Movie Robot. That robot was made to help humans, but by falling into the wrong hands, that robot had brought disaster to the whole world. It has also been shown in many such Hollywood movies that robots and their weapons prove destructive for people. Today we will try to understand some things related to robots in war and their weapons. America, Russia, and China want to use technology for war.

Robots in war

Robots in war

With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, these countries are engaged in making robots that will show their bravery in warlike humans. The robot will have no brain of its own. It will fight when it receives a signal. On receiving the signal, such robots will destroy the front. Such robots in war and machines are considered a big change in the war field. It is exactly how the discovery of gunpowder and the atomic bomb changed the atmosphere of the entire war.

Robots are good or bad?

To stop the use of robots and automatic machines in war, a conference of 125 countries was held in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an organization of countries called the Convention On Certain Conventional Weapons. This conference works to reduce the threat of war on humankind. The conference members demanded that the killer robot being made for the use of war should be banned. But the countries making machines and robots opposed this proposal. Those who favour the use of robots and machines believe that the use of such robots can keep soldiers away from danger. Robots can make decisions faster on the battlefield than humans. Unmanned drones and tanks will change the map of the battlefield.

At the same time, its opposition says that giving the right to take fatal decisions to the machines will prove morally wrong. Such machines will not be able to differentiate between adults and children. He will not differentiate between soldier and civilian, hence proving to be dangerous for the entire human race. This conference in Switzerland is considered very important about the use or ban of killer robots. However, no major decision can be expected from this right now. Countries producing state-of-the-art weapons and machines say there should be a consensus before taking such a decision. Countries like the US say that banning automatic weapons is too early.

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