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Uses And Benefits Of Coconut Tree, Fruits, And Water.

Coconut is beneficial in many cases. Every part of the coconut tree is of some benefits or others. Crores of income are generated in our country every year from the export of goods made from its trees and fruits.

Coconut is also called quince which is an auspicious symbol. Through this, people wish for happiness, welfare, and good health. Shri means Lakshmi, so to start every auspicious work, worship is done with Shriphal i.e. coconut.

Coconut i.e. quince has been used since ancient times. In many places in our Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads, we get the talk of public welfare from Shriphal. It is said that at one time it was common practice in Hinduism to sacrifice animals. In addition, in any worship recitation, people used to sacrifice animals. Then Adi Guru Shankaracharya broke this inhuman tradition. He started breaking the coconut in exchange for this sacrifice. According to him, breaking a coconut means that you are destroying your ego.

What does a coconut tree look like? 

The coconut tree grows to a height of 60 to 100 feet. Perhaps that is why this tree is also called the tree of heaven. It is a perennial and monocot tree. Its stem does not have a single leaf. The tops have long long leaves that look like a crown. Coconut fruits are planted between those leaves. Also, a tree gives fruit for about 80 years. About 70 to 100 fruits are found in a coconut tree every year.

benefits of coconut

Where do you get coconuts? 

90 percent of the country’s coconut is produced in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. It is said that 1.5 crore coconut trees are in Kerala alone. For this reason, Kerala is also called Coconut Land. Apart from this, coconuts also grow a lot in West Bengal and Orissa. It is highly cultivated in coastal areas.

Benefits of coconut

India is the largest coconut producer in the world. Until the 20th century, coconut was used as a currency for the exchange of goods on the Nicobar Islands. As written above, each part of the coconut is used in some form or the other. So, the stem of the coconut, its leaves, its fruits, the water found inside the fruit, all are to be benefited differently.

Use and benefits of coconut stem

  • The roof of the house is made from the stem of the coconut.
  • The stem is used for making furniture.

Using coconut leaves.

  • To make fans.
  • To make basket.
  • For making mat.
  • To make a broom.
  • In house roofing work.
  • It is also used for umbrellas.

Benefits of the coconut fruit.

  • Its fruit is slow to digest, so it is eaten for a long time to satisfy hunger.
  • Also, oil is made from dried coconut fruit, which is effective in many diseases. Useful things like bags, ropes, and bags are made from coconut hair.
  • Its hair is also stuffed in the mattress.
  • Coconut fruit has many medicinal properties such as to get rid of digestive problems, removing bone disorders, Relieving pain and swelling of injury, etc
  • Many delicious sweets are made from it.

Benefits of coconut water

One coconut contains 200 to 250 ml of water. Its water contains 48.5% lauric acid. Therefore it is considered as nutritious as mother’s milk. Drinking coconut water cools the body. Apart from this, it also balances the energy level. Coconut water has also been said to be useful in many diseases.

benefits of coconut

Apart from all this, coconut has many other benefits.

  • Vessels are made from coconut shells. Along with this, hookahs are also made from it.
  • Coconut fiber is burnt and used to repel mosquitoes.
  • People of South India use coconut in making all kinds of dishes.
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