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Untold Story Of The Founder Of The Hilton Hotels

In the hotel industry, Conrad Hilton is a famous name. He is known as the founder of Hilton hotels. But very few of you know about the real struggle of Hilton. If you want to know more about the real struggles of some people, then click this link.

Conrad Hilton
source: wikipedia.org

Personal Details of the founder of Hilton hotels

His full name was Conrad Nicholson Hilton. He was born in New Mexico Territory, United States on 25 December 1887.

Struggle period

 After the first world war(1914-18) many people became jobless. Hilton was one of them. He was ambitious but was not getting any ideas for himself. Then a  businessman advised him to go to the Texas oil field where anyone can make money from oil. After his direction, Hilton went to Cisco. But unfortunately, his ideas did not work. Still, he wasn’t disappointed. He thought if I have arrived here then I will stay here and will do something. At that time he had only a few thousand dollars.  One day after a busy day he went to a hotel. The name of that hotel is Mobley. It was a very simple hotel but still convenient. Hilton went to the counter for booking but he didn’t get a room. There was a lot of crowd for booking.

All people went off when they did not get a room but Hilton stayed there. Hotel manager Mobley said, “ if you want a room  then come after 8 hours.”

Hilton was surprised and asked, “why you give only 8 hours?”

 Mobley said, “due to the demand of people, we can only give a room for 8 hours which is enough for a person to get off his fatigue. In this way, we rent a room three times a day.”

Hilton said, “then you have a good income.”

 Mobley said, “but I can earn more if I was in the oil field.”

 Hilton saw that Mobley was not happy with his hotel business. He then asked, “ are you want to sell this hotel?”

 Mobley said, “ if someone will give me 50 thousand dollars, I will sell this hotel.” Hilton immediately telegraphed his friend and called him.

How Hilton became the founder of Hilton hotels?

When his friend came and saw the conditions of the hotel he wondered why Hilton wants this hotel. But when Hilton told about the income of that hotel then he agreed. Hilton and his friends bought that Mobley hotel. And then Hilton became the owner of Mobley hotel. His friend was a partner in his hotel business. Hilton already had some experience with hotel management because his father had a small hotel where Hilton and his brothers worked together. After buying that Mobley hotel Hilton and his friend carefully observed the situation of the hotel. Rooms were dirty, curtains were turned, furniture was simple. They changed all and the hotel was transformed and became famous.

Hilton’s hotel business began to shine. He earned more money in less time. After that, he thought to buy another hotel in Fort Worth. The name of that hotel was Melba. It was worst than the Mobley but Hilton transformed that hotel too. He repainted and recast the hotel. That has changed the hotel in an attractive way. Hilton’s income began to increase.

And now Conrad Hilton wanted to do something more. He decided to build a new hotel instead of buying old hotels. After that, his work has started. He started to build new hotels in different countries. He kept in mind that the hotel’s design is mixed with the country’s culture. Now, there are 584 Hilton hotels in the world( December 31, 2019).

According to new work times, The Blackstone Group purchased Hilton hotels for $26 billion in 2007.

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