Tuesday, October 3

An Uber ride which costed more than one lakh rupees

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Hardly anyone would have thought that their Uber bill can go up to Rs one lakh. But this is what happened with a Uber Cab traveler in West Virginia, USA. According to a news in Times Now, on Friday, 21-year-old Kennedy Bachman has booked a cab for West Virginia University from one place in West Virginia. He was leaving after attending a party. He was heavily drunk at the time of booking.


Image Courtesy: Times Now

Kennedy slept as he entered the cab and when he woke up after a few hours, the place he had to go was about 500 kilometers away from there. Kennedy told the newsier.com on the phone that when I wake up, I thought why am I still in the car ? I came to such a place which I do not even know.

Have a look at his Uber bill:

uber bill

Image Courtesy: arlnow.com

It is unfortunate for Kennedy that he booked Uber XL, which is considered the most expensive section of cab in America. Surge prices were also there at the time when he booked the cab which made the cab ride more expensive.

Kennedy created a fund raiser page named ‘ Go Fund Me ’ and asked people for help. The Uber fare was around 1638 American dollars.

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There are also reports that Kennedy had given his permanent address as his drop location. Which was five hundred kilometers away from that place. Although Kennedy denied it. According to media reports, the Uber Company has confirmed that such a ride has happened. The company said that the driver had left Kennedy at the same place put by him.

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