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Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery: Best One

The knee is the largest joint in the human body. The movement is very complex. Most of the weight of the body falls on the knees. Nowadays, not only the aged people but the youth are also becoming victims of the knees problem. A slight problem in any part of the foot can cause knee pain and soreness. Poor eating habits and the Routine Of Modern Lifestyles have increased the number of people suffering from knee problems. In such a situation, people are getting knee implants done. But people should opt for transplants according to the situation. If there is any problem in the knees, do not choose the transplant option in a hurry. Depending on the situation, knee replacement surgery can be done by doctors.

knee replacement surgery

Orthopedic surgeons determine whether implant surgery is appropriate or not based on the movement strength and ability of the knee. X-ray, CT scan, and MRI may be done to know any damage in the knees. If the problem is not severe, then it can also be cured with non-surgical treatment. But if there is more problem in the knee, it would be better to opt for surgery. The technique of surgery is adopted keeping in view the age, weight, level of activeness, size of the knee, and overall patient’s health. Let us see how many types of knee replacement surgery are there?

Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial knee transplant surgery

Quality of life is also affected by increasing knee pain. To avoid this, knee replacement is considered the most effective and permanent treatment. In this surgery, the damaged part is removed, and implants are replaced. This artificial joint helps in reducing pain. Apart from this, the functioning of the knees also improves. Usually, patients do not have problems in the whole knee, and then partial knee transplant surgery is done for that. For such people, it is a more accessible and better option.

Complete knee transplant surgery

If there is a problem in the entire knee joint, complete transplant surgery is the better treatment. In this surgery, the entire knee is replaced. During surgery, the damaged bone and cartilage are removed. Instead, an artificial joint is used. After this surgery, the patient spends the rest of his life well.

Double knee transplant surgery

This surgery is done for people whose both knees are damaged. Such people need double knee replacement surgery. People are often confused about whether they should do both knee surgery together or separately in getting this surgery. Its decision is taken by the surgeon based on what kind of defect is there in both the knees. Depending on the problem, a decision is made whether both knees will be partially implanted or fully implanted. Double replacement surgery is done for people who have been

  • entirely healthy and fit
  • He is young and has no other health problems
  • He has injured both his knees during sports or in some incident
  • Strengthen the muscles, bones, and tendons around the knees
  • There should not be any problem related to the lungs and heart.

Robotic surgery

Generally, knee replacement surgery time takes about 60 to 90 minutes, but you should expect to be in the operating room for over two hours. But nowadays, robotic surgery has come for knee pain. Robotic surgery straightforwardly solves the problem of knees. Knee replacement surgery time is very less in it.

This surgery is done by making a small incision on the knee. In this, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for long. Also, patients can usually go home on the day of surgery. Where bones are cut in conventional surgery, bones are trim in robotic surgery. It does not harm the place, which is healthy. There Are Many Reasons For Joint Pain. After this surgery, there is less chance of premature wear and tear of the joint. In this, the patient does not even feel the artificiality in the joint. In addition, there is no problem in moving the knees with the artificial joint.

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