Monday, May 29

Two months Medicine For Tuberculosis

TV, also known as tuberculosis, is a bacterial disease. It is spread by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a very serious disease. This bacteria spreads very slowly in the body, mainly causing more damage to the lungs. Apart from this, it can also occur in the brain, kidney, womb, mouth, bones, etc. It is often more in people who have less immunity, such as young children and older people.



It usually takes a long time to cure it. Sometimes it may take 6 months, sometimes 8 months, and sometimes even 24 months. And one of the reasons for not ending TV is that people also make mistakes in running medicines for such a long time. Apart from this, taking the medicine for such a long time also causes many other problems related to the digestive system in the stomach.

The scientists of India are constantly trying to solve this problem. And in this direction, the doctors of Meerut have seen a new possibility. Dr. Anurag, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, MIET, has developed a drug for the treatment of TV, which does not take much time to cure. According to him, it is four times more effective than other drugs before. This drug kills TV in just two months. Dr. Anurag tested it on rats after making the drug in his college pharmacy itself. He noticed that within two weeks of giving the medicine, the bacteria started getting eliminated from the body. Permission will have to be taken for the clinical trial of this drug, for which a pharma company has been talked to.


According to Dr. Anurag, most of the TV drugs work by inhibiting the cell layer of bacteria, while the medicine made by them inactive the micro enzymes. In this way, Dr. Anurag’s medicines will soon cure TV as compared to earlier medicines.

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