Tuesday, March 28


India is the second-largest population in the world. It is believing that India has the most valuable capital in human resources.  The world believes that if we skilled our hands we can be ruled over the world. It is true because on one side most of the country facing a shortage of human resources, and on the other hand, Indians are bringing laurels to the country.

two child policy


The total population of India is around 137 crore. It is 17.7% of the total population of the world. Overpopulation is of no use until people become technocrats. So it is a need to work on a two-child policy to stop the overpopulation of India.

It is good that the government has explained the importance of ‘hum do hamare do’, but technical knowledge and free health facility are still not available for all. So we are not able to control the fertility rate.    

According to specialists, the fertility rate of India is only able to replace the population. Therefore, after reaching the peak of 2050, our demographic picture may also be similar to today’s China.

two-child policy

However, according to an economic survey, the pace of population growth in India has slowed down in the last few decades.

Recently, the government of Asam and Uttar Pradesh has taken some steps for overpopulation. According to Assam Chief Minister Biswa Sarma, a two-child policy will be implemented gradually in the state.

Most of the Indian states have adopted a two-child policy. The policies are implemented by prohibiting persons with more than two children from serving the government. As of 2014,  eleven states of India implemented the two-child policy. The most recent policy to be implemented was by Assam in 2017.

Not only the two-child policy, but we should also keep time at least 3 years between first and second child. Doing this will bring stability to the population. If the population of the country remains stable for the next 20 years then it can also be successful in curbing unstable growth and rising unemployment.

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