Tuesday, March 28

Turkish Plane Crash: Businessman’s daughter killed. Marriage was next month

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A private jet crashed in Turkey going to Istanbul on Sunday night from the United Arab Emirates. This incident happened due to rain in mountainous areas of Iran. Approx 11 people were killed due to Turkish Plane Crash. Officials gave this information.

Turkish Plane Crash


On the Iranian television, the disaster management organization spokesman Mujtaba Khalidi said that the turkey plane collided with a mountain. Immediately after the collision the aircraft turned into flames. Khalidi later told the website that the local villagers have reached the site of the accident and they have received 11 deadly burnt bodies. DNA tests will be done for their identification.

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The big businessman’s daughter was a rider

According to the news agency ANI, Meena Basaran, a big businessman’s daughter on board this private jet was accompanying her seven friends. Basaran was going to get married next month. This group of friends before marriage was celebrating in Dubai. Basaran, 28, was the daughter of Hussein Basaran.

These people were returning to Turkey after celebrating the party. Turkey’s website Hebber Turk has informed that Meena Basaran was due to meet the businessman Murat Gazer on April 14 at Sirali Palace in Istanbul. According to the report of the Khaleej Times, apart from eight friends, three female crew members also died. It is being told that due to heavy rains the jets collided with the mountains and there was a fire in it immediately.

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