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Try These E-commerce Jobs As Your Career

Nowadays, there is hardly anyone who does not know about online shopping. Apart from shopping in the markets, there has been a lot of online shopping due to Deepawali and other festivals. Due To Online Shopping, There Are Many Frauds Happening. You must have also ordered something online at some point or the other. Like you, crores of people across the country order clothes, sweets, medicines, grocery planets through such online platforms, from which things have been ordered. Online shopping has become a new trend after the corona crisis. There are many offers in e-commerce, due to which people started to shop online that is more cheap and convenient. According to the EY IVCA Trend Book 2021 report, the number of online shoppers in India will reach around 2200 lakhs by 2025. In this way, because of this growing trend, youth in e-commerce jobs has also got options to work at different levels according to their skills.

e-commerce jobs

E-commerce today is not limited to just Amazon and Flipkart. Because of the trend of people towards online shopping, these days, all small and big companies are giving online shopping facilities to their customers. Many new startups are also coming to make the people’s online experience easier where they need skilled people for each of their departments. There are many opportunities for youths in customer service, supply chain management, logistics, marketing, web designing, and finance. Let us talk about the popular types of e-commerce jobs today.

Types of E-commerce jobs at various level

Entry-level jobs

Like all other fields, job opportunities are available at different levels in e-commerce too. At the entry level, you can start your career as a Delivery Boy and Customer Service Representative.
Similarly, there is also the post of Warehouse Parsonale, who looks after the company’s logistics. Such people ensure that the item to order gets packed and leaves the warehouse on time. Positions such as Marketing Specialist and SEO Content Writer are also entry-level positions that deal with online marketing, branding, and more.

Management level jobs

Like other companies, there are many positions in the management opportunities in e-commerce. These mainly include positions like Supply Chain Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Customer Satisfaction Manager, Financial Managers. These different managers look after the management of various departments of the e-commerce company. If one wants, one can make a lucrative career as a manager by increasing their skills in any of these fields.

Experience level jobs

There are many positions in the e-commerce sector to further improve the customer experience. These would have required a professional like User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, Developer, IT Technician, or Business Analytics.

With all these jobs, one can make their career on e-commerce sites as per their qualification. The initiative taken by the central government towards lockdown and digitization during the corona pandemic proved to be a boon for e-commerce. The e-commerce sector has registered a growth of 36% in the last quarter of 2020. Hence the fast-growing e-commerce is providing a lot of e-commerce jobs to the new generation of digital entrepreneurs.

The Indian E-commerce Industry is growing rapidly, which will lead to more job opportunities for the youth in this film in the years to come. There are also some major institutes in India which offer such courses. Such as Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi, Anna University of Technology Tamil Nadu, Amity Business School Noida, etc. If you also want to make a career in e-commerce, then there are many courses for this. It conducts in many universities of India. Many universities, colleges, and institutes offer e-commerce courses like certificates, diplomas, degrees, and post-graduation. If you want to make a better career in the fast-growing commerce sector, you can enter this field. You can take any e-commerce course according to your convenience and utility.

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