Wednesday, October 4

Travelling Precautions During Covid-19

It is a very tough time for travelers for travelling. In the time of coronavirus, people have forgotten to go on a vacation. It is easy to say that school holidays are going on but we cannot go anywhere for vacation or anything.


In the last 1.5 years, this virus has taken away the employment of a travel agency. In June 2021, the world is ready to fly again but not fully. It has some restrictions. Last year in May, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Indian government started domestic flight operations in India. But International flight operations are yet to resume. These flight operations are to remain suspended till 30 June 2021. At this time if you want to travel then you should take care of some points. The coronavirus is spread by releasing the virus into the air through an infected person by coughing, sneezing, or breathing. There is an increase in the risk of infection in the closed area instead of open areas. So that in public transport in which you can open the window is a little better in that point of view. The risk depends on how far you can keep yourself from other people at crowded places like bus stops and stations.

Travelling Precautions

Dr. Lara Gosce of the Institute for Global Health says that his research which is published in 2018 has shown that people who mostly use underground transport show flu-like symptoms. In comparison with trains and buses, airplanes are most convenient during corona.

Qingyan Chen of Purdue University in the United state estimates that the air changes every two to three minutes in an airplane, compared to 10-12 minutes in an air-conditioned building.


Here is some advice for travelers during travelling:

  • Wait until everyone are not get down. Don’t push anyone.
  • You can avoid travelling at a time when there is lot of crowd.
  • You can take that route which is less busy.
  • Keep maintaining the distance at least 1 meter.
  • After returning from travel, wash hands at least 30 seconds or take bath
  • Mask is compulsory in all this.
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