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Top Secrets of Airlines That You Didn’t Know

Have you ever travelled in an aeroplane? The first flight of an aeroplane is very exciting. It is not a big deal for those who travel by aeroplane every day, but it becomes a big deal for those who travel in an aeroplane for the first time. If you are going to travel on an aeroplane for the first time, you have to follow some rules there. All these rules are only and only while travelling in an aeroplane. You must be wondering why all these rules have to be followed. So today we are going to tell you about the Secrets Of Airlines. We are going to tell you many secrets of airlines which you hardly know.

secrets of airlines

List of secrets of airlines

While telling the secrets of airlines, we will also tell you the reason behind the rules we have to follow while travelling in an aeroplane.

Put the phone in flight mode

You are ordered to put your phone in flight mode as soon as you get on the plane. Have you ever wondered why this happens? If you do not know, we will tell you why keeping the phone in flight mode is. First, signals emanating from mobile phones can sometimes disturb the communication system of the pilot. It can make it difficult for the pilot to communicate with the control room. Many people sit together in an aeroplane; if everyone starts using the phone, how many signals will come out, making it difficult for the pilot to communicate.

Reducing lights and keeping windows open during taking off and landing

You may have noticed that whenever the aeroplane takes off and landing, its light is dimmed, and the window is asked to be kept open. It is because most of the chances of accidents in the plane happen during that time. In such a situation, passengers are asked to keep the windows open so that in case of any doubt, the passenger can look out the window and tell the crew member. After this, the crew members should ascertain the situation as soon as possible and decide which gate passengers have to leave. The lights are dimmed during takeoff and landing so that the emergency window can be easily seen in low light.

Emergency Oxygen Mask: secrets of airlines

Oxygen masks are given to all passengers if there is an accident during an aeroplane. But you will be surprised to know that the emergency oxygen masks available in airlines only work for 15 minutes.

Pilots sleep during the journey

Do you think the pilot would have been allowed to sleep while piloting an aeroplane? The answer is yes. Many pilots have acknowledged that they sometimes sleep high when travelling long distances. But that’s because Auto Pilot Mode and Second Pilot help them in this.

Food on the plane: secrets of Airlines

When you have travelled in an aeroplane, you will have in mind that the food is very tasty and healthy. You can order and eat whatever you want from the air hostesses there. But do you know how the pilot is given food? Pilots are often given separate meals from passengers. But this does not mean that poor quality food is given to the passengers. The reason for this is something else.

secrets of airlines

When a pilot operates a plane, the pilot’s safety is the biggest responsibility for the airlines. If something happens to the pilot, it can cause a big problem for the rest of the passengers along with him. That’s why the pilot’s food is different. There are two pilots During The Aeroplane, and then both the pilots are given different food. Different food is given to both pilots so that in case of food poisoning, both of them do not fall ill together.

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