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Top Leading Apps from 9apps Store

99games is one of the best apps and games downloader available on the Internet which is free to download and easy to use as it has a huge database which has more than 250 million monthly active users worldwide. This amazing 9apps store allows the users to download free as well as paid games from the tiny sized app store of 9apps games.

Download the Top Leading Apps from 9apps Store | 99Games

The best part of this popular and widely used episode is that it supports all types of Android devices and can be installed in those devices as well which has less storage capacity due to its mini size and this is a major benefit this app store due to which today it has millions of users across the globe.

From this mini-sized app store which is packed with great features, the users can install all of your favourite or trendy free as well as paid games directly in their device so as to play the same anytime and anywhere on the move without the need of Internet as almost all the apps and games offered in this app store supports offline mode.

99Games Store Offers the Following Games:

9apps Store

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  • Cookie Crush Match 3-

It is a free and one of the popular online match 3 puzzle game app from 9apps Store which is offered to the users of Android completely free of charge so they can play it anytime and anywhere on the go and enjoy the seamless experience of swapping and matching the candies in order to win awesome prizes and be on the top of the leaderboard. This amazing game app has millions of installs till date due to its all round and interesting features which makes it so fun giving and addicting to play. In the gameplay, all you have to do is just move and match 3 or more candies of the same type in order to burst the same in order to score more and more runs and win amazing prizes.

Best Features:

  1. This superb game app has a very beautiful and amazing graphics which comes with a variety of special effects that make it very interesting and fun giving to play.
  2. In this game, you will find thousands of fun giving and interesting levels filled with candy and jelly treats.
  3. It is one of the best puzzle game 9apps download can be played online and even in offline mode as well for which Internet connection is not required.
  4. The registered users of this game can also unlock new levels in order to make the game more challenging and interesting to play.
  • Car Racing-
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Car racing is a free and very popular ultimate fast-paced android game app which comes with unique and amazing features which you will never find in any other game which is a specially and exclusively designed for a high racing rush. By switching to this endless car racing game app which comes with 10 unique cars so you can switch from one to another and enjoy the seamless experience of racing in the city streets, countryside roads, and other attractive places. In this amazing gameplay which is packed with super fast cars and dynamic racing levels, you can boost up the speed of the cars by upgrading the same to keep up the best performance and score high and high runs.

Best Features:

  • The users are allowed to unlock the new levels and upgrade their cars in order to get more coins and be on the top of the leaderboard by performing well.
  • You can also customize your cars in order to enjoy the experience of racing with more speed and more fun.
  • By playing this amazing car racing game, you will get a real-time feeling of racing a car.
  • There are different racing scene available in the game and the player can choose any of the scenes according to his car.
  • With the help of this stupendous game, the players can ameliorate their car racing and drifting skills and set up their ride with full suspension.

So these are the games you can download from 99 games and if you like any of the game in the 9games app store then just download 9apps Store ( play store) in your mobile phone and get any of your favourite game installed in your device by clicking on the header or footer options directly through APK and that’s too, free of cost..

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