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Monday, March 20

Top 6 Famous Hill Stations In Maharashtra

Maharashtra, located in the center of India, has remarkable physical symmetry. The western part of the coastal plains of Maharashtra rises to form the Sahadri Range. Its slope descends from the southeast. Unity is seen in the cultural diversity here. Temple paintings, old monuments, and art patis are great places to keep people busy. Mumbai’s film industry, located in Maharashtra, gathers lakhs of crowd every year. The region of Maharashtra was ruled by various dynasties such as the Satavahana Rashtrakuta Yadavas and many others. These kings have uniquely shaped the culture of Maharashtra. Although there are Many Places To Visit in Maharashtra, it is not easy to describe them in words. That’s why today we will tell about those famous hill stations in Maharashtra which attract the whole world to itself.

famous hill stations in maharashtra

Famous Hill Stations In Maharashtra

Lonavala Khandala

It is a lush green hill area known as the Jewel of Sahadri Mountains or City of Caves. It is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. This hill station is also a major stop for connecting Mumbai and Pune. Surrounded by dense forest lakes, this place attracts nature lovers. Monsoon is the best season to visit Lonavala. In addition, Pawna Lake and Tiger Point are some of the places where tourists can enjoy visiting. Tourists can take a walk on the lake, have a picnic, explore the caves here. The mention of Lonavala Hill Station is also seen in the movies.

Lonavala Khandala famous hill station in Maharashtra


It is one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra in the Raigad district. This place is quite popular for its cold climate. Apart from this, the air here is pollution-free as motor vehicles are banned in this place. To roam here, people ride on a horse and go from one place to another. Apart from trekking, hiking, tourists can also do rock climbing here. Hence this place is an ideal place for adventurous nature lovers.

Matheran hill station

Amboli Hill Station

Situated in the Sindhudurg district, it is one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra (South). A lot of flora and fauna are found here. In addition, Amboli Falls, surrounded by many waterfalls, has different fun to see. It is a mountain pass of Sahadri, which is one of the most beautiful Ghats in India. Amboli is also preferred for trekking experiences and exotic things like speed boat riding, jetski, banana ride, sitting bumper ride, etc.

Amboli hill stations in  maharashtra

Toranmal: famous hill stations in Maharashtra

If one wants to truly enjoy the natural beauty, he should visit Toranmal, located in Maharashtra. The serene atmosphere of the mountains and the beauty of a dazzling lake attracts people to it. When innumerable lotuses are seen together in the beautiful lake, people are convinced that they are in a different world. Visiting this place during the monsoon is unforgettable for tourists. It is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra.



It is situated in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra and the famous hill station of India. The place is a plateau surrounded by gorgeous greenery and hills. Also, this place is suitable for art lovers as there is an amazing display of art. Girija Devi Temple, Balaji Temple, Old Jain Temples attract art lovers. Ellora caves are 14 km away from here, which is a world heritage. The place also announces the remains of an ancient Shiva temple.

famous Hill Station  in maharashtra

Gagan Bavda: famous hill stations in Maharashtra

Gagan Bavda is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, apart from Maharashtra. The hill station situated in Kolhapur is a favorite destination of trekkers. The name of this place is Gaganbawda because Gagan means sky. And this place is situated at a great height above sea level. Its Natural Beauty Is Amazing from the height. Hence it is the preferred location for most filmmakers to shoot the film. Apart from Hindi, it also attracts producers of Marathi films. Another special thing about this is that the weather at this place is always healthy. If you want to experience the wonderful splendor of Gaganbavda, then monsoons would be the best for it.

Gagan Bavda
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