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Things To Know Before Going On A Perfect Date.

Two people meet for the first time and their eyes crossed each others paths and sparks to fly, before they could understand, they are attracted towards each though subconsciously. They exchange numbers and before you could know, they are ready to go on a date. It is psychologically proven that the way you present yourself is the thing that makes or breaks a date. Now it is easy for the female to dress well as they have a variety of products to accentuate their beauty, But the men, they do not have a clue as to what to wear for a date or how to accentuate themselves, so that they look good towards the opposite gender. But fret no more men, because here are the things that you should check before going on a perfect date.

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Few Tips That will Make Your Today’s Date Perfect

There are many factors and dating tips which play an important role in getting near to a perfect date look. There is the hair, the facial hair, the face,  your breath, the lips, and the fragrance you give.

The Face


When we talk about face, it is hard to give a specific reaction as skin type differ from man to man. Men have need to take care of their skin. However, it can be grouped under fairly broad categories that is, oily or dry so, let us talk about these only.

Oily guys should use face masks to keep their skin oil free, doesn’t matter if it’s a homemade mask or a branded one. The most famous and ages old remedy to treat your oily skin is Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti). Take two tablespoon of fuller’s earth and soak it into water for half an hour. Add a tablespoon of rose water and some drops of lemon in it and you are good to go. Keep the mask applied on your face for 15-20 mins then wash it with water.

Dry skin guys can use moisturiser before a date or they can use something more hydrating like sheet mask. There are many sheet masks in market like Karuna Hydrating Face Sheet Mask or SR-II Facial Treatment Mask to name few.


hair-dating perfect date

Do not keep an unkempt hairstyle, or a hairstyle just for the sake of it which does not even accentuate your face type. So before a date, it is wise to invest in a good haircut, so that you can swoop her off her feet when she sees you.


Nothing is a big turn off for women than bad breath. Believe us even when we think of it, it gives us the creeps and Goosebumps. So it is advisable to cleanse your mouth before a date and if you are in the habit of smoking, we would advise to not smoke on the day of the date. You do not want your breath and mouth to smell foul if you go to first base on your very first date.

Facial Hair

There has been a general shift in the acceptance of having beard among women with nearly half of the women surveyed, saying that they prefer if their men have a beard as it is more attractive than being cleanly shaven. But having a clean shaven face is also not that bad also. It depends on the women you are going on the date with.

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But if you have a beard then make sure that it is properly trimmed, and that it actually accentuate your overall personality. Do not keep a beard if it does not grow properly. Also, make sure that your facial hair is properly washed and conditioned. If your beard is near perfection then we would advise you to invest in some beard oil. Like Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Beard Oil or D R Harris’ Beard Oil to name few.


According to a study, the attraction towards voluptuous lips is the same way for both the genders. People perceive that only men are attracted towards voluptuous lips but even the women are greatly attracted by voluptuous lips. Make sure that your lips are not chapped or dry on your date night. To get rid of chapped lips, apply olive oil with salt, and rub it over your lips with a toothbrush or better yet invest in a good lip balm.


Man’s sent has come out to be the #1 trait for women in mate selection. There are numerous studies that stand by this statement. Men should take this study seriously as many women admit that a man’s fragnance make them weak in their knee. So, invest in a good cologne like Hugo Boss Bottled Intense Man Edt or Burberry London EDT for Men.

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