Thursday, August 22

There’s A Very Logical Reason For This Unusual Circular Bridge

It’s not everyday that you set your eyes on a circular bridge – but there’s a very logical reason for this one.

The Laguna Garzon bridge is located over a blue lagoon in Uruguay, and was only visible by boat prior to the bridge’s construction.

But now, the $21 million development allows drivers to slow down and take in the awe inspiring sight properly – with more than 1,000 vehicles crossing every day.

Argentine real estate developer Eduardo Constantini funded $10 million of the project, and described it as ‘iconic.’

He said: ‘It is an iconic architectural piece that will be a catalytic factor in driving the development of Rocha’s coastline.

‘Just 35% of the stretch between the two lagoons can be developed and 50% must be devoted to green areas.’

The bridge’s construction had been mooted for six years before finally getting underway in September 2014 – and opening to the public only a year later.