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There Is Need To Save And Protect Our Wildlife

Our Earth is home to countless animals. As much as this Earth belongs to humans, it also belongs to other living beings. Humans exist only because of the wildlife on Earth. The role of nature is important in maintaining the environment and ecosystem of the Earth. It is because of this wildlife that people make their living on this Earth. Wildlife includes not only wild animals or plants but also those micro-organisms that are present around us. Those micro-organisms play an important role in keeping the environment balanced. To maintain the balance of the atmosphere, we have to understand the importance and saving of wildlife. If there is no wildlife on the Earth, then the whole Earth will be destroyed.

conserve wildlife

There are millions and billions of varieties and species of wildlife. Many of these creatures will be such that they have not even been discovered. Many such micro-organisms live around us, and we do not even know. Each species of animal has its geographical environment. They develop according to their characteristics in their geographical environment. Biodiversity and the environment play an important role in the development of species. According to biodiversity, those species develop survival qualities. The existence of different settings on Earth promotes biodiversity.

Diversity of India in Wildlife

Our country India is geographically diverse. Due to the other geographical locations here, the wildlife here is quite rich. There is a lot of diversity in India. The nature of different areas here, having a unique identity, is very closely related to the people and culture of the site. According to statistics, India has about two and a half percent of the world’s total land area. Seven to eight percent of all species of the world are present in India alone.

According to the NBA (National Biodiversity Authority), India is one of the countries in the world where a biogeographic classification has been developed for conservation planning. Due to this wildlife, any area is directed geographically, culturally, historically, and biologically. Along with making nature beautiful, wildlife promotes the field of tourism. Due to this, the economic side of the particular area is also strengthened. Some wildlife is found only in a specific area or state, which displays the geographical conditions and biodiversity there.

Reason for the destruction of wildlife

Despite having so many benefits of nature, man is destroying them for his selfishness. There are many reasons for the destruction of wildlife, such as increasing population, deceptive security, greed and lust, smuggling of wildlife parts, etc. All these reasons are due to human selfishness. Humans forget that if there is no wildlife, then their existence will also end. Earth and nature will be safe only when both forests and animals are safe. Due to the deteriorating environment and ecology, the number of wildlife is decreasing. The breakdown of the chain in the ecology creates a crisis.


According to the food chain or food web, if one creature is in trouble, then the other creature is also affected by it. You must have noticed yourself that sightings of sparrows, crows, squirrels, vultures, etc., which appear before your eyes every day, have become rare. These creatures are found only in the village mostly. According to the IUCN( International Union for Conservation of Nature ), endangered species have reached over 41,000. According to the report released from there, one-third of the amphibian population is in danger. In addition, one in every four mammals, and one in eight birds, is on the verge of extinction.

Endangered species

The endangered species of India in the Red Data Book are as follows:

White-eyed Duck, black swan, black eagle, flying lizard, bison, wild bull, musk deer, crocodile, elephant, white tiger, bear, many species of snakes, dolphin, Mountain quail, desert cat, wild cat, wild ass, vulture, hawk, python, water lizard, black duck, Rhinoceros, Gir Singh, Sarang, Krishnasar, Wolf, Wild dog, Striped hyena, Cheetah, Reindeer, Chital, Air seal, Gray heron.

Conserve wildlife

The destruction of all these creatures is also happening due to climate change. Apart from this, man is cutting trees for his convenience, increasing the danger to the animals living in them. This problem has been shown well in the recently released film Haathi Mere Saathi. We should think something about saving our wildlife; otherwise, the problem will take a very serious form.

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