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The True Meaning Of Friendship On This Friendship Day

The relationship of friendship is such a relationship that covers all the relationships under it. This relationship is tied from heart to heart. Friends are more than family because friends share everything that cannot be done with family. Friendship shows us both good and bad paths. Apart from siblings, there are only friends with whom they grow up playing in childhood. This year, this unbreakable love relationship is celebrating on August 1, 2021. International Friendship Day is celebrated to keep the story of one such friendship immortal.

International friendship Day

History Of International Friendship Day

Let us know what is the history behind celebrating this day? According to sources,  this was 1935. There lived two friends from America. Their bond of friendship was very deep. They were very close to each other. They could even lay down their lives for each other. Once the US government killed a friend of them for some reason.  When another friend heard the news of his death, he was in severe shock. He could not bear the sorrow of being separated from his friend. And he also committed suicide. That day was the first Sunday of August when both the friends left this world on the same day. When the US government came to know of the loving friendship, it decided to celebrate this day to honor their friendship. And since then on the first Sunday of August, Friendship Day was celebrated dedicated to friends.

Mythological Story Of Frienship

If friends are true, honest, with positive energy, then those friends are no less than a blessing. The wonderful definition of friendship has been given by Krishna of Hinduism. The friendship of Krishna and Sudama was pure, full of love, and true, which even today people give an example of friendship. Similarly, the friendship of Lord Shri Ram and Sugriva is also immortal. Both had kept their friendship faithfully.

Friendship day
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True definition of friendship

Friendship Day
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From the story of Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, we should remember that what is the true meaning of friendship. This friendship relationship is complete with sacrifice, trust, and dedication.  If you also have these three things in your friendship, then your friendship will be written in the golden letters of history. Even if there is something wrong with friends, then come forward and solve it yourself because this relationship is very precious. Although it is tied with a raw thread to say it, with love, trust, and dedication, it becomes so strong that no one can break it even if they want.

So let’s take a pledge on this Friendship Day that we will never let our friendship break no matter what happens.

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