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The Culture Of India In Thailand Too.

The story of Lord Shri Ram is very popular in India. Shri Ram was a perfect man of Tretayuga. He was the king of Ayodhya. He treated his people as his own children. Ramraj is mentioned in the pages of history. Everyone wants that their king should be like Lord Rama. The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had also talked about bringing Ram Raj into the country after independence. Despite being a Buddhist-majority country, Thailand, this country of Southeast Asia, has unwavering faith in Hinduism. India is the largest country having faith in Hinduism. But Thailand, a country of Southern Asia, also has a large number of people who believe in Hinduism. The Hindus here have deep faith in the temples and in the gods.


History of Thailand

The people here consider their king to be a descendant of Lord Rama.  They worship and respect them only by considering them as their God. They never disrespect his king, nor does he ever bring him into any controversy. It is believed that when Lord Rama divided the kingdom to his sons and went to Baikunth Dham, his younger son, Kush, got the region of East India. King Kush was a great king. He started expanding his kingdom. Also, he expanded his kingdom towards the east and merged him into his kingdom. Maharaj Kush married a Nagvanshi girl. Kush was a great emperor, whom the people of there know as the ninth Rama. In addition, the kings who are ruling today in Thailand are considered to be descendants of Emperor Kush.

The story of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Its full name is Krung Devmahanagar Amarratnakosindra Mahindrayudhya Mahatilakabhava Navaratna Rajdhani Puriramya Uttamrajnishan Mahasthan Amaraviman Avatarastityya Shakradtiya Vishnukarmaprasiddhi. Its full name itself indicates its association with India. Accordingly, this name is in the Sanskrit and Pali language which is the ancient language of India. This shows that the people there are very much connected with the history of India. Another name for this is also Mahendra Ayodhya which people believe was made by Lord Indra himself. That is why all the kings who were here have lived in this Ayodhya.


A few more things about Thailand

Buddhists make up more than half of the population in Thailand. Still, its national symbol is Garuda. Garuda is believed to be the ride of Lord Vishnu, he is a half-human and half-bird. Garuda was given the status of the national symbol because he considers Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as his ideal.

Apart from this, the national text here is Ramayana. The people there call it Ram-Kien in the Thai language. Ram-kien means the fame of Rama. It is based on Valmiki’s Ramayana. Ramayana is organized in the hall here which is based on the Ram kien. Many people gather in this drama. Whenever there is a play on Ramayana in India, it will not be as crowded as it is in Thailand.

Temple of Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has temples of almost every deity related to Hinduism such as Shiva temple, Vishnu temple, Durga Temple, etc. The design of the temples there is similar to that of the temples of Tamil and North India.  Eight million tourists visit Thailand every year. From there one can get acquainted with the culture of India. 

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