Thursday, October 5

After ‘Manmohan’ Anupam Kher, now meet Sonia Gandhi of “The Accidental Prime Minister” movie

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The first look of Bollywood actor Anupam Kher’s upcoming film, The Accidental Prime Minister, has already been released. Based on the life of former prime minister of India Manmohan Singh, the story of this film will be incomplete without Sonia Gandhi who is the Congress President. Therefore, there was a lot of speculation about the role of the character in this movie, which would fit the actress. The answer has been found, Suzanne Burnett.

Sonia Gandhi role in the accidental prime mister movie


Suzanne Burnett role of Sonia Gandhi in The Accidental Prime Minister film-

Suzanne Burnett is a German actress, who has been working as an Actress in Bollywood for the past several days.

She gave this information from her Twitter account.

Suzanne Burnett She has worked in several Indian language TV serials and films.


This movie is directing Vijay Gutte. Vohra Brothers are producing it. Akshay Khanna is also playing an important role in the film. The film will be released in December this year. This movie is going to be quite interesting because people have very little information about Manmohan Singh.

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