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Is your Gold real or fake? Make these easy test gold purity to find out

Not only on Akshaya Tritiya, gold is bought all the 12 months in India. Whether it is the wedding season or any festival, the demand for gold is always high. It is important that every customer is aware that the gold they are purchasing from the market is real. Because most people still do not have the correct identity of gold. The Government, of course, has tried to help the people through the advertisement of Hallmark, but despite some of its people, they come under the scourge of goldsmiths and take fake gold. People get into the trap of these sellers and waste their money in buying fake gold. Read the tips below and check your gold well whether it is real or fake. These methods of Gold Test will give you assurance of accuracy.

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How to Test Gold Purity at Home 

Magnet Test 
Take a magnet from the hardware shop and put it on the gold jewelry. If it sticks, then your gold is not real and if it does not stick then it is real. Because gold is not a magnetic metal.

Ceramic Test 
How to identify gold at home by Ceramic? You will need a white ceramic plate for the gold purity test. If you don’t have one then get it from the market. Now put the gold on that plate. If you see black color on this plate, then you have fake gold and if your gold is golden, then your gold is real.

Testing with teeth
This is the easiest method who think about how to check gold purity at home?. One of the other ways is to keep the gold-pressed between your teeth for a while. If your gold is real, then your teeth mark will appear on it. Because gold is a very delicate metal. Jewelry is also not made of pure 24-carat gold, but some quantity is mixed with other metals. Do this test comfortably, pressing the fastest gold can break it.

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