Tuesday, October 3

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan, 2 killed, 100 injured

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A 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook eastern Taiwan. This is the second earthquake in three months in this country. American geologists say that this shock of earthquake is the latest in the region in recent times. Two people have died and more than 100 are injured.

Taiwan earthquake

img source:latimes.com

Side effects of Taiwan earthquake

According to the US Geological Survey, earthquake occurred at 11:50 pm on local time. Its center was about 21 kilometers north-east of the harbor city of Hualin. The Taiwan Meteorological Bureau has an earthquake intensity of 6.0. Taiwan cabinet told the National Fire Service Agency that due to earthquake, a hotel located on the east coast of Taiwan was destroyed. Taiwan cabinet said that another hotel has also been damaged.

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Local media said that many buildings have collapsed. About 30 people are stranded in the dashed hotel. Relief and rescue work is going on at war level.

Five earthquake shocks were felt in the interval of two hours on Sunday. Taiwan is located at the junction of two tectonic plates. This leads to an earthquake here. Last year, there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake where 116 people were killed. The most horrific earthquake of recent years was here in September 1999. 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed 2400 people.

How earthquakes magnitude can be predicted by richter scale?


img source: cbsnews.com

0 to 1.9 earthquakes shows only by seismograph. 2 to 2.9 mild gives vibrations, 3 to 3.9 gives the feeling of a truck passes near you, such effect. -4 to 4.9 windows can break. Tangled frames on the walls can fall. 5 to 5.9 can move heavy furniture. 6 to 6.9 can move buildings foundation. The upper floors can be damaged. -7 to 7.9 Buildings fall, pipe bursts inside the ground. 8 to 8.9 large buildings, flyovers fall. Above 9 is considered as extremely violent and can cause complete devastation. If someone stands in the ground, then he will be seen waving the earth. A Tsunami can also predicted.

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Every scale of the Richter scale in the earthquake is 10 times more powerful than the previous scale.

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