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The language of cutlery that you must know.

The language of cutlery that you must know.

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Do you know that cutlery has language of its own? Yes, it’s true that cutlery speaks .It is also a method to give visual signs about the meal served to you and that also without saying anything.Using these signs you can easily convey your message to the person serving you. As it is rightly said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” therefore this pictorial language helps in giving visual signs to the waiter serving you. Let’s begin with the signs of cutlery: Start First of all, if your fork is on the left and knife on the right; this is the starting position for your meal. Pause Pause is to rest your fork and knife making an angle between them or an inverted ‘V’ shape. If you are in group having a conversation and have not finished your meal yet, yo
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